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Our therapists are advanced-level graduate and post-graduate interns from California Institute of Integral Studies. They are dedicated to providing psychotherapy services that are both appropriate and effective.



Statements from staff

Alex Hill

Alex HillThe power of therapy is a healing relationship in which awareness and curiosity are cultivated within a context of empathy and compassion.Our fast-paced society rarely makes space for us to process our emotional and psychological struggles. Therapy can provide this space.

Psychological work can be painful and difficult, and also exhilarating and empowering. It all depends on what is coming up for you and where you want to go together. Old psychological patterns may emerge in our sessions. This can be uncomfortable, but also liberating as deeper awareness brings more agency to everyday life.

I practice deep listening and active curiosity to engage these patterns in the present moment in a sensitive and collaborative way. I commit to creating a space where you can safely explore uncharted experiences while building a stronger, more cohesive sense of self to better meet life's challenges

Alice Phipps

Alice Phipps“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The therapeutic relationship is a kind of alchemy. In therapy we can unlock the doors within us that keep us disconnected from our personal power, true vocation, love and inner peace. This work can confront us with our greatest obstacles and fears. Yet, I believe it can also bring us to greater joys and deeper fulfillment. For me, it is a sacred honor to bear witness to the stories and struggles of others as a therapist. I seek to restore wholeness to my clients through radical acceptance and deep empathy. I am trained in transpersonal approaches, and can incorporate meditation, spiritual assessment and archetypal integration if desired.

I am open to couples and individuals of all kinds. I feel I have much to offer those struggling in relationships, questioning gender or gender roles, LGBTQIAQ identified people, those who suffer social oppression, and people immersed in technology who are seeking a deeper connection with their bodies, emotions and spirit.

Amy Merickel

Amy MerickelMy approach gives you a safe space for tapping into all parts of yourself. What is your current experience? Are you in a time of crisis or deep suffering that needs support? Or are you wishing to set aside time for yourself to reflect and grow? Are there any identity considerations, relationship issues, challenging life events, or constraints that are making life harder? I consider the many factors interwoven in each person’s experience with warmth and compassion.

Working mindfully I can support you in developing more awareness of yourself holistically – mind, heart, body, and spirit. Together we can explore your history and wounding, while identifying your needs and looking for deeper meaning in your life. Our work will be tailored to what you would like to get out of it, with your interests and boundaries at the center. Being entrusted with the depths of people’s histories, journeys, and vulnerabilities is an honor. My goal is to collaborate to support your healing. I welcome working with people of all races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders, and lifestyles.

Andrea Baxter

Andrea BaxterThe act of reaching out for support is one of courage in the original sense of the word: that is, an act that comes from the heart. This initial impulse to open the self to new possibilities in the care of another is one that I honor throughout our journey together. My goal is to create a safe and nurturing space in which all parts of you can emerge and be met with compassion, respect, and curiosity. For many of us, our connection to ourselves has been dampened: by other voices proclaiming they know better; by survival needs; by patterns that we no longer see were once habits that became our reality. Therapy can help us rediscover a connection to the self that is able to be vital, spontaneous, and responsive. This connection is innate and deep within each of us, but it often requires relationship to blossom. The warmth and acceptance of the relationship we create together is the ground from which new partnerships with your innate capacities can grow.

I invite people of all backgrounds and life experiences to this work, and have particular interests in working with trauma, anxiety, life transitions, grief, and body issues, including chronic shame and self-harming behaviors. Along with a fundamental commitment to the craft of psychotherapy, my work is informed by my backgrounds in yoga, meditation, and the creative industries. Above all, I imbue my work with gratitude and awe for this shared journey of humanity.

Ava Henderson

Ava HendersonSometimes our darkest moments, though extremely painful, can illuminate our greatest lessons and catalyze growth. As your therapist, I hope to hold both the light and the shadow sides of you—to honor the ways you’ve learned to cope with the inherent challenges of life, as well as to celebrate the innermost and hidden parts of your Self that may have gotten lost for lack of attention or for reasons of survival.

I believe that therapy can be a co-created process of mutual discovery in which growth is rarely linear; but is unique to each person. I look forward to being a non-judgmental and empathic companion on your journey towards living a more whole and authentic life in whatever way feels good for you. I trust that each of us has deep inner wisdom and an innate vocation towards self-healing. I feel honored to be your partner and witness in uncovering what that looks like for you.

Clare Morgan

Clare Morgan One of the great challenges of our time is to remain connected with the many aspects of who we are and who we are becoming – with all our longings, fears, vitality and wisdom. My aim is to support you in living a more authentic life with fuller access to your inherent physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual resources. I work from a desire to understand your experience and a genuine interest in accompanying you.

I believe deeply in our capacity to heal and in the power of the therapeutic relationship to support personal growth and transformation. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, grief, heartbreak, a dark night of the soul, are contending with the impacts of unresolved trauma or a major life transition, or if you would like to deepen your self-awareness and capacity to thrive in intimate relationship, I will work collaboratively and open-heartedly with you to support you and your intentions.

Daniel Dryden

Daniel Dryden Depth, Creativity, and Compassion are all aspects of my life that give it meaning. As evolving and inter-dependent individuals I believe that nothing is more important than our own personal growth and well-being. It is through each of us that we have the capacity to change the very structure of the world we live in and the remainder of our precious lives.

Yet we all stagnate, have injuries, and run into challenging relationships in work or in life at large. Often times a part of ourselves becomes unexpectedly damned like a clogged artery or a river with too much debris. We may have been living in a restricted way for only a few months or for as long as we can remember. Effective therapy can help us create new neural pathways or open up ones that have become closed. In working with you I hope to unlock new possibilities and help you to live in ways that are deeply satisfying to you and all those you are in contact with. By being with you just as you are we will support the changes you are ready to make and be tender with the ones you are unsure of. Together we will work to make life more satisfying and fulfilling.

Dolores Antolin Y Muniz

Dolores Antolin Y Muniz I respect that asking for help is a difficult decision and can be an even harder step to take. I recognize that it takes courage to make this step on the journey towards healing, growth, and change. I will honor your bravery with patience and guidance and provide a safe, supportive, and authentic environment in order to help facilitate your process of growth and discovery.

I work with adults and children, from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and identities - all are welcome. I have extensive experience and training working with women of color, specifically where it involves oppression and race based trauma (historical and current), family dynamics, and the process of self-identity and empowerment.

I will support you without judgment as you discover the best direction and pace for your own healing process. From day one, we're in this together, for as long as you need.

Erica Knight

Erica KnightDeciding to enter therapy is a courageous move towards healing and self-discovery. My intension as your therapist is to create a safe and supportive space where together we can explore whatever is weighing on your heart, at whatever pace feels right to you. I believe that healing happens in different ways at different levels of being, including body, heart, mind, and spirit. I am here to accompany you as you work through the difficult edges of your experience and grow into a freer, more peaceful, more authentic expression of yourself. I welcome people of all cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles, orientations, genders, and those wishing to work with the ways that inequity and social oppression play out in our psyches and relationships.

Erik Karff

Erik Karff“There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.”
~ Leonard Cohen

I understand suffering to be an undeniable aspect of human experience. It can manifest in how we relate to others or in our internal world as feelings of separation, self-judgment, despair, or loneliness. Therapy empowers us to use suffering to transform our lives, move away from engrained patterns that cause harm, and awaken us into a way of being in the world that is characterized by fulfillment and compassion. I believe that therapy can help us gain important insight and provide us the opportunity to touch into our most deeply authentic, self-actualized personhoods.

Time spent working with families with children with special needs and peer counseling LGBT+ people has provided me the chance to contemplate my approach to therapy. I provide a safe, nonjudgmental, challenging and affirming space. Further, I feel that honoring aspects of our identity, such as sexual orientation, race, gender, class, religion, and ability is crucial and welcome the exploration of how these elements impact our lives.

Ferris Wahl

Ferris Wahl“Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.”
~ Hafiz

Life, while beautiful, can be challenging, and at times it might feel like we’ve lost the plot. My aim is to support you in living as your most authentic Self. By creating a safe working environment, we can identify what thoughts and behaviors may or may not be serving you at this moment in your life. We will work collaboratively and compassionately to explore how you might make shifts in your being to live with more ease and vibrancy. I believe that you possess the innate ability to heal, and together we can enhance and develop your natural inclination.

Whether you are seeking support with a big life event or want to learn more about who you are, I will listen to you and align our work to your personal goals. It is my belief that it is a human right to live fully. I welcome individuals and couples into my practice. I enjoy working with beings from diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, lifestyles, and orientations. I prefer not to diagnose clients, and I am particularly interested in exploring issues such as depression, PTSD, social awkwardness, bereavement, existential questioning, and anxiety.

A holistic approach to psychotherapy can hold non-judgmental space for the ongoing search for Self. I would be honored to join you in your journey of becoming you.

Hallie Swan

Hallie SwanI believe as human beings we have infinite wisdom within us. A lot of the pain in our lives is caused by not knowing of, trusting in, or being in alignment with this inner wisdom. Through therapy, I can help you recognize its presence and turn towards it so you can be in alliance with yourself, and come into your personal power.

I also believe therapy is a place where deep wounds can heal simply by being in relationship with a compassionate other. Many of us have not had the privilege of being in a relationship with someone who welcomes all of our parts. Feeling safe and free to bring all aspects of ourselves can be profound, and help us destigmatize reclaim, and even grow to love these previously banished parts. This is what I aim to offer you: a safe place where you can experience and explore the entire range of yourself, and integrate all parts of your being.

My experience with mindfulness and deep reverence for nature inform my work. I welcome people from all walks of life and look forward to working with you.

Isobel Heath

Isobel HeathI wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.
~ Hafiz

In our frenzied culture, therapy offers something all too difficult to find: time and space to slow down, reflect, and explore, without judgment, what is and is not working as well as we wish in our lives and why. The gifts of this work include clarity, insight, greater freedom from the past, and access to deeper layers of our experience and our very being. The effects can echo into every corner of our lives. It is my intention to bring empathy, presence, authenticity, curiosity, and compassion to each of our encounters.

I respect the courage it takes to look within, and I believe in each person’s resilience and capacity for growth in the face of adversity. Kabir wrote, “Wherever you are is the entry point.” It would be an honor to join you in your search for greater freedom.

Josh Greene

Josh GreeneEach moment in life offers us the chance to become the fullest expression of who we really are. In therapy I help to hold a space where together we can explore anything that might be keeping you from that fullest expression. With 10 years of experience working in the yoga community, I bring a strong foundation in mindfulness practices and somatic awareness. Some of my areas of focus include working with anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues. I welcome people from all walks of life, and look forward to beginning this work with you.

Kelly Clarke

Kelly ClarkeMy intention is to co-create a space of compassionate presence where transformational healing can take place, and I believe that the relationship between client and therapist can be the most valuable and powerful catalyst for healing. My goal as a therapist is to hold space so that each client can become more of who they really are, and begin to let go of anything that may be holding them back from being their authentic selves. I welcome all parts of you- especially those parts that have been neglected or abandoned by yourself or others.

I am passionate about helping highly sensitive people connect with and honor their gifts and to live with more ease and peace of mind in a world that can be especially difficult to navigate as a sensitive empathic person.

I have much to offer folks struggling with addiction of all kinds, alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, food addiction, anxiety, trauma, depression, shame, grief and loss, codependency, and am committed to providing support for those in recovery. I believe that every client is unique and I work with each individual based on their personal needs and intentions for therapy. My eclectic approach is a combination of relational therapy, transpersonal therapy, energy healing, meditation techniques, attachment theory, psychosynthesis/parts work, intuitive psychotherapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

Kim Jones

Kim JonesYou may be thinking about therapy because something difficult has recently surfaced in your life. Or perhaps you have been dealing with difficulties for a long time and you are needing to explore new options. No matter what you bring, I believe that simply by showing up as you are and with some willingness to grow, the therapeutic relationship can be deeply transformative.

A first step in this work may involve surrendering to the unknown, trusting that change is possible, and that you deserve it— this is significant in and of itself. On this journey, we will begin to draw our curiosity towards your relationships with your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as your relationship with your self and with others. Together, with compassion and non judgement, we can explore the rich landscape of your experience and bring forth new ways of engaging with the world.

In therapy I would like to help you explore what is and is not working in your life so that we can enliven aspects of yourself that may or may not yet be accessible, such as creativity, spaciousness, and vitality. By dedicating yourself to this process, I hope that your authentic voice and way of being in the world can be called forth. Therapy will provide a unique healing relationship which you can take with you forever. I believe that this a gift to yourself that will last a lifetime.

Whatever your needs are, you can bring them all in with you. I look forward to working with you.

Maria Linsao

Maria LinsaoIn times of great uncertainties, personal doubts, and the myriad ways that suffering manifests in our lives, taking refuge in therapy can be a gift.

My practice is deeply informed by traditional psychotherapy, object relations and attachment theory, my experience as a first generation immigrant, and teachings I have embodied as a Zen priest.

Together in therapy, I invite us to co-create a space that allows for whatever arises in every moment to just be, to explore and be curious, and with patient effort, to bring mindful attention to your personal healing journey.

Renu Cappelli

Renu CappelliPerhaps you have sometimes watched birds flying in the sky: how they seem to have purpose but no set path, and how they swiftly change directions, or hover in one place and soar again in the next moment; can we call this movement freedom? We who walk on the ground with two feet sometimes pass through places in our lives disturbed by grief, pain, and conflict. Even in the most charred landscape, saplings and wildflowers grow, to regenerate what has been broken. The work of therapy seeks to provide loft to your flight, to support you when you wish to change directions or just to hover; to lovingly notice and nurture new ways of being that are germinating within you. In the context of a therapeutic relationship, we can do together the life-giving work of discovering you. I welcome birds of all feathers, life experiences, and life stages. Particular areas of my expertise include immigration, gender identity and sexuality, and the stress caused by systemic oppression, or by societal-familial norms that may restrict our capacity to be ourselves.

Ruth Oprean Cardillo

Ruth Oprean CardilloThe decision to enter therapy is an important step in choosing to support yourself and your growth and development. You might be taking this step if you are struggling with anxiety and depression, relationship issues or because life has become unmanageable. Your choice for psychotherapy can be a major life investment with huge dividends— including stronger relationships, a better sense of oneself, a greater feeling of being an active part of the world. As your therapist, I provide you with space, time and skillful counseling support that aims to heal the past, help you develop emotional life skills and supports you to grow your life. Together, we engage in a process of resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and relationship issues to support you to the healthiest version of yourself, living the best life possible, no matter what challenges you may be facing. In sessions, we determine what makes the most sense for you and we reevaluate as time goes on and circumstances change.

I have a particular interest in working with clients with anxiety and depression, healing trauma, grief and loss, and addressing questions about life path and work-related challenges. My additional areas of training include parent counseling and coaching, couple’s counseling and family therapy.

Sandy Huynh

Sandy HuynhTherapy can be a very intimidating journey, and I am devoted to being a gentle and insightful support to those who travel that path.

I believe that peace begins with a deep awareness of all of the parts of who we are, a better understanding of what those parts need, and how we want to integrate them into our lives. I come from the perspective that there is nothing inherently wrong with us, and that we must bring space, compassion, and patience to what we're going through as the first steps toward true healing.

My practice is deeply informed by traditional psychotherapy, my experience as a second-generation immigrant, my former corporate background, and my practice of tantric hatha yoga. I look forward to meeting you and supporting your therapeutic journey.

Sienna Mauve Gregan

Sienna Mauve GreganDeciding to enter therapy takes courage and strength. I believe that by making this decision and taking these first steps we begin to shift our lives. I work from the belief that everyone is a whole and capable person, and we all need support sometimes.

I work to help individuals find integration through welcoming all the parts that make us who we are. Together we can move through any unresolved experiences from the past, or present, in order to regain vital energy and create new possibilities in life. I welcome all people from all walks of life.

Smitha Gandra

Smitha GandraNo matter where you're starting from, transformation is possible. There are times we may feel overwhelmed in our life and our usual coping skills are not enough. Life has a tendency to throw curveballs our way, and in these junctures, we often feel lost and desire clarity and support. Having the space to share your voice within a therapeutic setting during these times can create new perspectives, and sometimes that is all you need to move in a direction that feels right for you. My aim is to offer you a safe and open place to explore these passages: wherever you are, wherever you’ve been and wherever you’re going. I work with my clients to improve their relationships, find fulfilling life paths, and create more ease and joy in everyday life.

I work on a relational level, and my approach is warm, engaged, and to collaborate with clients as together we explore and address the goals that bring you into the room. I enjoy and welcome working with individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and identities.

Tom Kim

Tom Kim Whether depression, anger, a feeling of brokenness or of not fully living, or needing help managing transition in an otherwise fulfilling life, your reasons for seeking therapy are valid and welcome with me. You've done so much; you've made it so far. My key offering is to keep those strengths and make space for those under-represented parts of you. With compassion and authenticity, let's explore together that you may find a greater peace and spaciousness inside yourself.

I believe you already carry an inner wisdom. Through exploration of your whole experience, through making greater space to be, it will find a firmer voice.


Dan Gottsegen
Clinical Director

Dan GottsegenDaniel Gottsegen, Ph.D. is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies Masters and Doctoral programs in Psychology. His work as the Clinical Director of the Pierce Street ICC is an expression of his desire to support and serve those who are dedicating their lives to the service of others. He is also a psychologist in private practice in San Francisco.

Susan Weiss
Administrative Director

Susan WeissSusan Weiss has a Masters from the California Institite of Integral Studies and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


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