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We offer compassionate and affordable psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, groups, adolescents, and children. Our services are available to people of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and spiritual traditions.  At the Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street, we practice contemporary depth psychotherapy, sometimes in combination with somatic and transpersonal approaches. 

We believe that in a therapeutic relationship, both client and therapist together work to understand and articulate constricting forces that shape and underlie the client’s suffering.  Our therapists understand how it can be disrupting and, at times, overwhelming to not know what is causing suffering in one’s life. Having a safe and honest relationship with a therapist can provide support in uncovering these obstacles, while also opening up new possibilities where none existed before.

Our sliding-scale fees are offered in order to accommodate a variety of incomes and economic situations. We provide psychotherapy in several languages: French, Spanish, Hebrew, Mandarin, Hindi, and Farsi. These languages are subject to change as our staffing changes.


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