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Low Cost San Francisco Therapy

Low cost San Francisco therapy. Low cost San Francisco therapy.

Stress, depression, loneliness, and isolation are byproducts of today’s incredibly busy society. Fortunately these are often minor and fleeting problems; a conversation or two with a family member or trusted friend can often allow us to cope with these brief yet deeply affecting emotions and move on.

However, what if these problems intensify and begin to affect our personal and professional lives? What if, despite our best efforts, we fail to return to the way of feeling to which we’re accustomed? During such times, professional counseling is often our most reliable option.

San Francisco Bay Area’s Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street provides compassionate and personalized care. We offer affordable mind-body-spirit therapy to individuals, couples, families, groups, teens, and children, making certain our services are reasonably priced and open to everyone.

Mental health care is equally important as caring for physical health. Just as you seek a physician’s help when you have a persistent stomachache, you also can seek professional mental health services when your emotions are in turmoil.

At the Integral Counseling Center, we take great care to place patients with counselors with whom they can develop a trusting and productive relationship. We recognize that the more comfortable the patient feels with a therapist, the more successful the outcome will be.

We also understand that quality mental health care needs to be made available to people at all income levels. That is why we offer sliding-scale fees, taking into account each patient’s economic situation and extending inexpensive therapy to the entire community.

For over 25 years the Integral Counseling Center has provided a safe and supportive environment for patients with a broad range of emotional needs. Our staff is trained not only in conventional therapeutic methods, but also in a variety of other cross-cultural, holistic ways of working. Our practice uniquely combines Western and alternative therapies that satisfy a diverse range of client needs.

Our goal is always to respect the individual and ensure no one has to deal with life’s trying times alone. By tailoring each course of therapy to each patient’s personal attitudes, needs, and objectives, we provide personalized guidance and direction to facilitate each patient’s healing process.


We are associated with California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)—an accredited graduate school that has trained therapists in interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and applied studies since 1968. The Integral Counseling Center is a nonprofit organization committed to the highest ethical and professional standards.

In order to make our services available to as many as possible, we are conveniently located in San Francisco at the corner of Pierce and Clay Streets and offer services 5 days a week, including some evening hours to accommodate working adults and students.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call 415.776.3109 or e-mail info@integralcounseling.org.







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