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We are a nonprofit counseling center dedicated to providing affordable psychotherapy to residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our therapists are advanced-level graduate and post-graduate interns from California Institute of Integral Studies. We commit ourselves to working collaboratively with you toward healing in a thoughtful, present, and emotionally focused manner. We pay particular attention to identifying the personal and interpersonal obstacles that may be preventing you from engaging in life and relationships in a way that you desire. We select our therapists for their skill, maturity, and commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards in psychotherapy.

We are dedicated to providing quality mental health services at affordable fees, while giving great consideration to matching your needs with the most qualified therapist to address your particular needs.

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what we offer

Difficulties and struggles can occur in life that are, at times, difficult to overcome alone. We may find we are overwhelmed or feel disconnected. At the Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street, we strive to provide low-cost psychotherapy that helps our clients find more support and freedom in their lives. 

We take great care in providing a safe relationship where our clients have the opportunity to engage their lives and rekindle what may feel lost or absent. The Center offers the space and commitment of an honest and collaborative relationship in which to journey toward healing and self-discovery. We aspire to help our clients cultivate a life that sustains and enlivens them. Our affordable San Francisco counseling center is a meaningful and practical place to restore order and build comfort.




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